Entrada Equipamentos Máquinas de Bebidas Quentes Necta Brio 3
Necta Brio 3
 Necta Brio 3

Descrição técnica:
Version Espresso - Instant - Fresh Brew - Fresh Brew Big Jug Cup capacity 300 ( Ø  70-71 or Ø  73-74 mm) Stirrer Capacity

255 (95 / 105 / 115 mm) Possible to deliver pre-mixed (instead of dry) sugar with no stirrer dispenser

No. of canisters 6 (ES and FB) / 7 (IN) User interface Direct selection (Numeric selection as optional) Pushbuttons 14 direct selections Pre-selection buttons

Up to 6 pre-selections

120 mm height. With or without door. Optional: photocells, lighting in the cup station. Possible FB version for big jugs, allowing the use of jugs up to 240 mm

Delivery area
Communication protocol Executive or MDB or BDV Height 760 mm
Width 540 mm Depth                
585 mm (Espresso - Instant)                        
635 mm (Fresh Brew)                            
680 mm (Fresh Brew Big Jug)